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Need help with an orphaned, injured or bird in danger?  Please email us at hotline@cwrescue.org or send a text
704 684 9247 

Would you sponsor an animal?  Find more here.

Looking for our fundraising auction?  Click here to join.

There is no phone at the rescue and all of our calls are handled remotely.  We are an all volunteer group with no paid staff.  We should however get back to you within the hour if you have a bird who needs help.  If you do not receive a message back please email or text again.  We get hundreds of calls each day, its easy for one to fall through the cracks. While you are waiting Please do not give birds food or water, this can cause harm or kill a bird!

We do not have the staff to send out updates on birds that have been dropped off.  We realize that people like to get updates but some days we get 40 to 60 birds dropped off and have 600 birds to care for with very little volunteer help.  We would require a full time staff person to provide all the updates we get asked for and this directly takes time away from the birds.  We try to explain this when birds are dropped off but we still get a large volume of requests each day.  When we get time we will post birds on facebook and offer updates.  We appreciate your understanding tat the bird care is more important. 

We are very short handed on volunteers.  Please consider spending a few hours a week to help birds in need.  We have jobs that can be done from home. We are now in a position of growth we need to add paid staff but lack the donations to cover the cost of salary.  If you would like to see us have more manpower and can't volunteer please consider donating.

Due to problems in the past we are only accepting volunteers aged 18 and over.  We also do not accept court ordered community service volunteers.

CWR was recently featured on the PBS Nature series show Bionic Pets.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of our birds who needs a prosthetic or you would just like more information check out our prosthetics page.
Clean up day! 
Come on out and help us with some projects! Click the link or email volunteer@cwrescue.org for more details

Updates on injured birds and other news is posted DAILY on facebook so click here to check out our facebook page.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of CWR - we function entirely on volunteer power if you are interested in volunteering please click here to create an account in our volunteer system and see what opportunities we have.

Did you know we have no paid staff?  That means 100% of your purchases and donations go directly to the animals! We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization so donations are tax deductible as well.


We send out news and updates on facebook.

Click here to go to join us


Injured or orphaned animals - hotline@cwrescue.org

Volunteers -

Hospital - rehab@cwrescue.org

Events - events@cwrescue.org

Adoptions - adopt@cwrescue.org

Donations - donations@cwrescue.org

General Inquiries - info@cwrescue.org



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Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) is non profit 501 (c)3  wildlife rescue organization located in Charlotte, NC. CWR is run by federally-licensed migratory bird rehabilitators specializing in waterfowl. We take in over 1000 birds a year covering close to 40 different wild bird species.  CWR is an all-volunteer group that donates their time, money and expertise to helping North Carolina’s birds in need. They also accept domestic or exotic ducks for placement, do nuisance referrals, and offer bird, duck and goose rescue assistance.
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