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If you have questions about our adoption process please email adopt@cwrescue.org

   What Kinds of Birds Do We Get
WE DO NOT ADOPT "ONLY GIRLS".  Just like everyone else we don't have extra females.  For every female born there is a male somewhere who has to be killed or discarded so someone can have extra girls.

If you really want to help out homeless birds consider going to an all male flock.  You wont have to deal with the mating issues, the egg binding, the birds nesting and getting killed.  If you would like to consider an all male flock email us for more details.  We are happy to help you establish a male flock of ducks.

 Many people email us wanting purebred birds and we rarely get those.  If your raising purebred heritage breed birds or only want peacocks or turkeys then you will mostly be waiting a long time. When we do get these types of birds we adopt them to our established adopters who help us out by taking other birds first.

We get the birds they most commonly sell at the feed stores and are discarded.  We aren't a breeder or a hatchery we only take in what needs rescuing. We don't maintain a list of people wanting specific breeds.  We post the birds for adoption on facebook.

Due to some people trying to stock hunting properties with our birds we no longer adopt quail, doves or any pheasants to the public.  These only go to our volunteers or people with an established relationship with the rescue. 

Birds we do have an abundance of:

1.Domestic ducks, the most common are Pekin or Muscovy. We also have swedes, khaki campbells and a few other kinds but it varies day to day.

2.Domestic geese such as Embden or Toulouse (the white and grey barnyard geese). Most of our geese are mixed but they are all a joy to have around and if you want companions any of the geese will be a delight to own.

3. Swans  - Due to our  facility being one of the few places licensed to take swans in the south we do get a large number of them.  We only get MUTE swans and we generally have them for adoption.  We do not adopt them to people who are breeding or selling them. You can only have one pair and they must be pets. At times we have a waiting list for swans.

4. We have many nice roosters!  People usually only want hens and the roosters are discarded so if you are looking for a handsome man to protect your ladies you will find him here.  We generally have one or two hens that go with each rooster.  Taking a rooster is the only way to get hens from us.

4. Occasionally we get other birds like pigeons, cockatiels, parakeets, smaller parrots. If you are looking for smaller of caged birds please email us at adopt@cwrescue.org to see what is available.

We receive many inquiries from people who want to be contacted when birds come in but we are an all volunteer group and don't have the manpower to maintain long waiting lists for specialty birds.  If you are interested in seeing what birds we have the best place to check is our facebook page. .


  Requirements for Adopting
YOU MUST OWN THE LAND YOU INTEND TO KEEP DUCKS ON!  We do not put ducks on the lake, in your HOA pond or anywhere that doesn't belong to you.   It is illegal in the state of North Carolina to place ducks on property that doesn’t belong to you. Renters are considered with landlord approval.
  Selecting Birds
Only approved applicants will be scheduled to come look at birds.  Our birds can change daily and we will call you to discuss the birds are available after your application is approved.

We are an all volunteer 501(c)3 non profit charity.  We rely on donations and adoption fees to provide us with the funds needed to provide veterinary care, housing and food to the wildlife and domestic animals we take in. 

 We require a donation for each animal that is adopted.  We are an all volunteer group so 100% of our fees go directly to help birds.

Click here for our adoption fee schedule.





Abandoned Easter Pets enjoy a swim at the rescue.
Call Ducklings


Muscovys come in many colors

Domestic Rouen and Blue Swede duck
Pekin ducks need safe homes
We get an occasional turkey
Black swans are rare, but we get them on occasion
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