Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our birds! Please read this page in full so you can understand how our adoption process works.

Adoptions are the most important part of what we do! We put a lot of time, effort and love into our rescues and we want to ensure they are going to a good home. We want to work with you to be sure you adopt birds that are going to give you the most enjoyment but also ones that are best suited to the living environment you are providing.

We are an all volunteer group so please be patient with us as the process may move slowly. Depending on the time of year it may take several weeks to several months to get approved. We process applications in the order that we receive them after they are fully complete.

Rules for adoption:

]1) Predator protection must be provided for the birds. The level of protection varies with the type of birds you are applying for. If you don’t provide predator protection and just want to replace birds that are getting killed you probably need to look elsewhere. We are happy to suggest improvements to your set up to make it safe for the birds so that you can qualify. Improvements must be made before the application will be approved.

2) Birds must be fed. Although this seems like a given, many people think they do not need to feed ducks. They need complete nutrition to be healthy just like every other animal and human. We recommend Mazuri Waterfowl Diet but there are many comparable waterfowl feeds out there. We are happy to recommend one based on what stores you have in your area. Chicken feeds and corn do not give complete nutrition to ducks.

3) There is an adoption fee for each bird. We must collect a fee to help towards the cost of taking in the birds. We spend far greater amount on medical care, feeding and supplies for each bird. We try to make the adoption fees reasonable. If you are providing a good home and can adopt multiple birds we will work with you on an adoption fee. Please be prepared to pay the fee when you pick up the birds.

4) Please be polite and patient. Adoption inquiries are handled via email only. Our phone lines are extremely busy and we need to make sure injured birds get priority on our phone lines.  We appreciate your understanding!

5) Please understand all birds do not fit all situations. You may want swans but it’s possible they aren’t a good fit for your place. This doesn’t make you a bad home. We will only suggest birds to you we feel will thrive with the set up you have to care for the birds. Many birds are regulated by state and federal laws as well.

6) We do not ship birds. Please be prepared to pick them up at the rescue. Also please bring appropriate carriers for the birds to go home in. If your using a pickup truck the birds must be covered or be in plastic kennels. If you’re not sure how to best transport your new feathered friends please ask us and we can give you solutions. We do not loan crates out any longer because we do not get them back. We know you mean well and plan to bring them back you just don’t.

7) We do not adopt birds for the purposing of breeding or selling. Period, no exceptions. If your website says you breed birds or sell them for food or anything else you will not qualify for our adoption program.  Its nothing personal, but creating more birds goes against the philosophy or a rescue that takes in thousands of these unwanted birds each year.

8) All of our birds are healthy and are examined by a licensed rehabilitator before they are cleared for release. If they have any special needs we will discuss that with you in full details.

After you have read the rules and agree to them here is

The Process for Applying:

1) If you aren't willing to pay the adoption fees please do not apply. If you can’t afford the fee then likely you can’t afford food or medical care for your new family member.  If you want to adopt a group of birds please contact us to negotiate an adoption fee. This needs to be done in advance. Please do not show up at the adoption time not prepared to pay the fees. Volunteers working that day are not allowed to change the adoption plans or fees. If you don’t have your adoption paperwork and fees in order you will not leave with birds. No matter how far you drove. Please plan accordingly in advance for your new feathered friends. We are more than willing to work with any reasonable requests.

2) Fill out the adoption application completely. You may not understand the reasons for the questions but they all have a purpose. Applications that are sent in incomplete will not be reviewed. You can fax, email or snail mail your applications. You may also come by the rescue to pick them up. We will not review incomplete applications.

We do not share or use the information for any other purpose. Your information is safe with us. We understand that some people are uncomfortable giving out information but we are uncomfortable giving birds to people we don't know.  There is a mutual trust that must be establishes for adopting. We do not accept adopters without an application, no exceptions.

3) Applications must be sent in with photos in order to be reviewed. Photos must include the housing you have for the birds and other living quarters they will have such as a pond or grazing areas. You can text photos from your phone, email them or even snail mail them to us.

4) Someone will contact you to let you know if we have additional questions. We will not follow up if your application is complete, only if its complete and we have additional questions.

5) Once your application is completed the paperwork is submitted to our director for approval.  You will receive notification you are approved. 

6) Once your application is approved you will be contacted to discuss what birds are at the rescue. We do not hold birds. Birds are placed first come first served for approved adopters. We have too many people not show and we lose the chance to send them to another good home. Our list of birds can change daily. 

7) Your time is valuable and so is ours. Please let us know if you can’t make your appointments. If you miss your appointment and you don’t call to let us know then you may be ineligible for another adoption.

8) Some cases where applications are approved but no suitable birds are at the rescue you will be placed on a waiting list. For instance you want peacocks but our pair is adopted, we will place you on the list to be contacted when another pair comes in. You would get first choice on the next pair but we will make one attempt to contact you and then move down the list. We only contact approved adopters on the waiting list for birds.  We also may contact approved adopters for new birds coming in without sending to the mailing list.  We like to have a relationship established with our adopters.

If you have questions please ask. We look forward to working with you!

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