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Meet Our Residents

   Pringles Goose

Our Mascot Pringles Goose came to us when he was just a baby. He was thrown from a moving car towards a pond.  He didn't quite make it all the way.  The next day someone found him and brought him to the rescue.  He was injured from the fall but recovered and met his first goose friend Max.  They grew up together the best of friends.

Max later died of a terminal illness and Pringles was devastated. He was lonely for over a year until he finally met the love of his life. 

Annabelle and Lila Goose came from a criminal cruelty case and eventually became property of the rescue after the case was closed.  As soon as Pringles realized the ladies were staying he started courting them.  Pringles lonely days are now over and he has a lifelong companion in Annabelle Goose.  Mr Seb was abandoned at a park and was the 4th and final member to join Pringles "Goose Gang"

Pringles has a facebook page where he lets people know about the goings on at the rescue from his perspective. He loves new friends.


  Marmalade the Rooster

Marmalade the rooster was an owner surrender.  He very quickly took over the hearts of the volunteers at the rescue. 

Marmalade loves children and he lets them pick him up, carry him and he even falls asleep in their laps. He loves to go out and teach people the finer art of crowing and has been on numerous TV shows, news broadcasts, magazines and news papers. He gets many requests each year to do events and meet people. 

He has a couple of ladies at the rescue Betty White Chicken and Lucy Redhead Chicken that keep him happy at home and they provide us with eggs to feed other birds and the remainder are donated to the food pantry.

Marmalade started his facebook page after snow damage at the rescue injured him and he got an outpouring of support from the community. Marmalade loves new friends click to visit his facebook page.



  Mr. "T" the Turkey

We pity the fool who doesn't get to meet Mr. "T" the most lovable turkey around! 

Mr. "T" was found abandoned in a neighborhood and was following people around.  He was originally with his brother but his brother was killed by a raccoon before we we called to pick him up.

When we picked him up and soon realized Mr. "T" was something special.  He gets many requests to do guest appearances on news shows and events each year.  If you ever meet Mr. "T" you'll know exactly why he draws in the crowds, he loves everyone and isn't afraid to strut his stuff. If your looking for a one of a kind experience at your event contact us to inquire about having Mr. "T" make a guest appearance.

Mr. "T" has a facebook page where he posts pictures and his appearance schedule if you would like to find out where to meet him.


   Clarence and Dustin

Clarence, a white Chinese goose, lived on a pond for 8 years after his mate was killed.  He followed the Canada Geese that came in and out each day desperate for a friend.  He even offered to help raise their babies but no one would take Clarence up on his offer and he remained  lonely.

Clarence was picked up after a coyote injured his wing requiring amputation.  Clarence was sad at losing his wing but he was so excited to see goslings at the rescue. He tried and tried to get close to them but they were in a separate area.  After he begged and begged we finally let him in to see the goslings. Clarence immediately started fulfilling his dream of having a family by acting as a parent for all the goslings at the rescue. He teaches them everything they need to know about being geese and even how to fly. 

Dustin came in a few years later. Dustin is a Canada Goose who was born and raised in captivity.  He was banded from a canned hunting ranch and found scared and alone in the middle of a junkyard. Dustin seemed to be unable to communicate with other geese and as far as we could tell had never been outside.  It wasn't long Clarence took him under his wing and taught him to swim, go outside and even eat grass!

Dustin and Clarence are inseparable and you'll never see them without each other.  Clarence continues to raise all of our goslings each year up to 50 at a time. This year Clarence also taught Dustin how to raise babies


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